Preventing a Motorcycle Crash

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A motorcycle crash is a threat to anyone who rides a motorbike. It could be your first time hopping aboard your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle or your thousandth time – you are still at risk of a collision. Fortunately, there are some proactive steps you can take to reduce your risk. Here at Harley-Davidson of Yuba City, we strive to make motorcycle riding safer. That’s why we rounded up our top tips for preventing a motorbike crash below.

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One reason a car collides with a motorbike is simply that the driver didn’t see the motorcycle. So many factors play into this issue. Drivers may struggle to see as clearly at night. They could be distracted by texting or be under the influence. Whatever the reason, the end result is the same: your Harley bike (or worse, you) suffer painful damage.

To combat this issue, you’ll want to make yourself and your Harley motorcycle as visible as possible. Sure, your dark leather jacket looks cool, but it’s not going to help you be seen on the road. Wear brightly-colored outerwear. This could be anything from a yellow neon jacket to a bright orange safety vest that construction workers wear. To add some extra visibility, you can put reflective safety tape onto your clothing or motorcycle helmet.

Another way to be more visible on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle is to ride with others. One Harley motorcycle may be easy to miss, but a group of five won’t be! Get your buddies together to enjoy a safer (and more fun) ride.

Refresh Your Skills
Don’t let yourself be the cause of a collision! Do what you can to keep your motorbike riding skills sharp. If you don’t ride frequently or it’s been some time since you hopped aboard your Harley motorcycle, consider taking an advanced riding course. You’ll be able to review safe riding habits and may even pick up some new techniques. There’s always something to learn to make riding your Harley-Davidson motorcycle safer.

Improve Your Vision
It’s hard to avoid something you can’t see. One proactive strategy is to install better lighting on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The standard lighting tends to not be bright, but you can upgrade with vibrant LED lights to better light your path.

If your Harley motorcycle has a windshield, make sure it is not hurting your line of sight. A windshield installed at the wrong height could force you to look through it instead of over it. When mud or water splats onto the windshield, you could lose some of your visibility.

You’ll also want to make sure your gear isn’t hurting your ability to see. Whether you use a helmet shield or goggles for eye protection, make sure they come with anti-fogging capabilities. You don’t want constant fog blocking your view (or requiring you to pull over often to wipe it away).

Maintain Your Motorcycle
Even the highest quality Harley-Davidson motorcycles suffer from normal wear and tear. These maintenance issues, left unchecked, can eventually start to cause safety threats on the road. Anytime you notice a problem with your motorbike, take it in to get checked. A small issue now can manifest into a big risk when you’re traveling at high speeds on the highway! You can also engage in regular preventative maintenance to help reduce the chance of an issue on the road. Don’t forget to do a pre-ride inspection before each trip – it increases the chance of catching issues at home rather than on the road.

For all your Harley motorcycle needs, visit Harley-Davidson of Yuba City. We proudly serve those in Sacramento, Rocklin, and Lincoln, California.

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