Why You Should Buy a Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle

August 21st, 2018 by

It’s hard to imagine a company more synonymous with “motorcycle” than Harley-Davidson. They’ve been creating beasts of machines for decades. Their rigs offer high power potential, sleek style, and an unparalleled community. It’s no surprise so many people turn to Harley for their next motorcycle. We rounded up the top reasons to buy a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle below. We proudly serve those in Yuba City and Sacramento, California.

Most recent Harley-Davidson motorcycles are fueled by the Milwaukee-Eight® V-Twin engine. It packs the power, allowing you to enjoy stellar acceleration (up to three bike lengths faster than similar engines). Of course, all this power generates heat. While you ride, enjoy the comfort of proper heat management. That uncomfortable hot air from the engine gets deflected away from your legs.

The unique frame of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle plays a role in its high performance as well. A Harley machine tends to run larger than its competitors. The extra weight boosts your ride stability so you can better conquer those tight turns and winding roads. When you ride a Harley motorcycle, it’s easy to leave others in the dust!

What are the odds that a motorcycle straight off the showroom floor happens to be tailored to your unique riding needs? Pretty slim. Motorcycles are built to appeal to a wide audience base, which means there’s some room for tweaking to better fit you. Harley-Davidson builds their motorcycles to allow for easy customization.

Many riders adjust their Harley motorcycle to better fit their height. Short riders have to strain and stretch to reach the controls and the ground. Tall riders have to scrunch and squish their long limbs. Whatever the situation is, it’s a recipe for aching and cramped muscles. There are customization options that adjust the motorcycle for these riders to make for a better fitting ride.

Other riders seek style upgrades. They want to turn heads as they cruise back and express their personality. Give your Harley motorcycle a new, unique paint job. Throw on colored LED lights. Tweak how your motorcycle looks so you stand out!

This is just a glance at the many upgrade options. You can alter everything from how comfortable your motorcycle ride is to how fuel efficient your Harley-Davidson bike runs. It’s a simple process to boost your Harley ride!

Harley-Davidson Ownership Perks
One often underappreciated benefit of buying a Harley motorcycle is that you join the Harley community! There are fans across the country who run local chapters. These are a great way to meet fellow enthusiasts. Swap travel tips, touring routes, maintenance suggestions, and more.

Find new riding buddies. Make your weekend better with a rally or convention. Become a part of a thriving motorcycle family!

The other core ownership perk is that Harley motorcycles are so common. Odds are, any mechanic you take your motorcycle to will have extensive experience fixing Harley motorcycles. You will also have high odds of a Harley-Davidson dealership nearby for an even more experienced mechanic.

Ready to scope out different models of Harley-Davidson motorcycles? Visit Harley-Davidson of Yuba City. We offer a range of new and used Harley motorcycles for sale. Our friendly staff can help you find the right model for your budget, riding lifestyle, and riding level. Once you own a motorcycle, keep in mind our service department! We can fix up your Harley bike to get it running like new. Whatever you need, you can find it with Harley-Davidson of Yuba City. We proudly serve those in Yuba City, Sacramento, Lincoln, Rocklin, and Chico, California. Stop by today!

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