Why Buy a Softail®?

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The Harley-Davidson® Softail entered the motorcycle scene in 1986 – and things were never the same again. The release of this family was so successful that it actually pulled the company out of an economic slump. These models saw immediately fandom and consumers couldn’t get enough! Their popularity extended well beyond their initial release. Today they are still one of the most popular models. Of course, every release adds new features and upgrades to continue delivering a top-of-the-line experience.

When you know more about the Softail line, it’s easy to see why they are consistently flying off the lots. We rounded up the top reasons to choose a Softail below. When you’re ready to experience the models in person, visit Harley-Davidson of Yuba City. We proudly serve those in Yuba City and Sacramento, California.

Three Decades of Style
Some motorcycles are at the cutting-edge of style when they are first released…but their look quickly becomes outdated. Sure, the Softail came out in the 80s. But with each release, Harley updated the aesthetic of this line of motorcycles to match the modern times. That’s partly why this line of Harley-Davidson motorcycles has stayed so popular among consumers – it’s continually adapting to style changes of our time.

One aesthetic feature that has stood the test of time, however, is the hidden rear mono-shock suspension. The Softail looks like a classic motorcycle (but without the less-than-appealing movement of a classic bike). Enjoy the freedom to style your motorcycle how you want without worrying that you’ll impede the mechanics.

Of course, all this style isn’t worth much if the motorcycle doesn’t ride well. The Harley Softail line makes sure their performance matches their aesthetic. These Harley-Davidson bikes run off of counterbalanced engines. You’ll see a reduction in overall vibrations as a result. Enjoy a perfect blend of style and performance with the Harley Softail motorcycle.

Softail vs Other Families
Harley-Davidson is known for building quality motorcycles. But what makes a Softail special isn’t just that it’s a typical Harley bike. It offers some key differences from other Harley models.

The Harley Softail is much easier to handle, which is great for new riders and thrill seekers alike. New riders can go at their own pace and enjoy a low-stress learning experience. Experienced riders can take it to the max without worrying about a less-than-responsive motorcycle getting in the way. The lightweight frame makes it easy to stay in control. The brakes respond quicker and more efficiently, keeping you safe. It offers a smoother shift as well.

Current Models
The Harley-Davidson Softail line is currently at ten models (and counting). When you’ve been innovating over thirty years, you’re bound to create a number of models. It’s easy to find the perfect Softail for your given riding lifestyle and riding level.

While you can enjoy a used Softail, the current models all offer the new Milwaukee-Eight® engine. Their chassis is up to 35 lighter, which translates to improved braking, accelerating, and turning. Enjoy all the classic aspects of a Softail with the top-of-the-line advancements in performance.

Ready to check out Softail models in person? Visit Harley-Davidson of Yuba City. Check out our selection of new and used Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Our financing option helps you get your dream motorcycle home sooner. If you already own a motorcycle and it’s experiencing issues, look into our service department. Our expert staff can get your Harley motorcycle running like new in no time. Whatever you need, you’ll find it with us! We proudly serve those in Yuba City, Sacramento, Lincoln, Rocklin, and Chico, California. Stop by today.

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