Riding With A Passenger

February 1st, 2019 by

While solo motorcycle riding is certainly plenty of fun on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, sometimes you want company, especially on a long-distance journey. Riding with a passenger can make your experience more enjoyable because you’ll have someone to talk to and someone to help you navigate. Also, once you get to wherever you’re going, you have a companion to explore your destination with!

However, adding a passenger to your motorcycle also presents more of a challenge to you as the operator, so you’ll have to be more cautious and proactive with your riding style.

Harley-Davidson® of Yuba City has all the tips you need to safely ride your Harley motorcycle with a passenger!

Legal Considerations
Certain states will have different rules on how a two-person bike needs to be constructed. Some require backrests or footpegs to support the passenger. Most states will require the passenger to wear a helmet, which they should do for safety anyway. Make sure you know the rules for the state you’re in, as well as for any states you might ride through.

Passenger Safety Gear
Just like you equip yourself for safe riding, your passenger should also be equally well-equipped. Figure out what pieces of safety gear your passenger already owns so that you can borrow or buy whatever they don’t have.

A helmet with a full-face mask is the most important piece of gear they’ll need. If the helmet doesn’t have a face shield, then goggles will be necessary to protect their eyes from flying debris. Make sure their helmet fits properly and isn’t just a stop-gap that you borrowed last-minute. It’s better to shell out the cash for a good helmet than to not adequately protect your passenger in the event of a crash.

Your passenger should also wear full-length clothing to keep their skin from getting a rash if you slide out. A sturdy riding jacket and riding pants along with ankle boots will be necessary. Waterproof gear is useful to have on hand for both you and your passenger in case the weather takes a turn.

Prepare Your Motorcycle
You should make sure that your Harley motorcycle is ready to go and in top condition before riding, particularly when you’re bringing someone else along. Their life is in your hands! Keep them safe by checking tire pressure and tread, making sure the oil and other fluids are clean and topped up, and ensuring lights, signals, brakes and other components all work as they should. You’ll want to make sure your bike is also capable of handling the weight of a second person.

Ready Your Passenger
You’ll want to go over rules of the road with your passenger, particularly if they’re not familiar with motorcycle riding. Tell them how the bike works and go on some test rides at a slow speed to demonstrate how turning, braking and accelerating will feel so they know what to expect. You can help them adjust their posture and lean correctly into turns before you take to the highway. They also will want to build up some tolerance to riding because it exercises a lot of little-used muscles!

Before you head out, you should also figure out a way to nonverbally communicate with your passenger so they can tell you when they want to get food, use the bathroom or stop for any other reason. Bluetooth-enabled helmets can remove this need entirely! Otherwise, a series of hand signals will be necessary.

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