Riding a Motorcycle Over Driving a Car

December 31st, 2018 by

Most people use their car to get around town, but is this really the best strategy? More and more people are hopping aboard Harley-Davidson® motorcycles as their main means of transportation – and for good reason. Using a motorcycle instead of a car offers a whole host of advantages, which we discuss below. If you are looking for Harley motorcycles for sale, come visit our dealership Harley-Davidson of Yuba City. We proudly serve those in Sacramento, Rocklin, and Lincoln, California.

The Savings
Harley motorcycles are cheaper to own than a car. This alone is persuasive enough for many people to make the change! There are many factors that play into why you save so much money. First, the initial asking price of a Harley bike will be lower. A car will just cost you more upfront. Second, it’s cheaper to ride the same distance due to the improved gas mileage on Harley motorcycles. You’ll end up spending more money to power your car than you would to power a bike. Third, maintenance costs tend to be lower. There are fewer mechanical parts on a bike, which means less parts to break down (and usually cheaper fixes). Finally, monthly insurance costs are usually cheaper. Combine all these factors and you’ve got yourself a significant amount of savings!

The Performance
Harley-Davidson motorcycles handle in a different way than a car. They weigh much less, which helps them accelerate faster, take tighter turns, and be more agile on the road. They also use a different steering style, which allows you to feel more at one with your machine. Most notably, they enjoy a better power-to-weight ratio. To get that same level in a car, you would have to get an expensive sports car. Get that same smooth ride on a much more affordable Harley bike. Plus, a car engine won’t have the same deep rumble when it starts up. Nothing can compare to the Harley engine growl!

Your Harley motorcycle is more than a means of transportation. It’s also your ticket to the thriving Harley-Davidson community! You’ll be amazed at how much owning a Harley bike can improve your social life. You can join a local chapter, which gives you instant access to a range of experiences. Meet fellow enthusiasts to swap maintenance tips or touring routes – or find new riding buddies. Attend events such as motorcycle shows and races. You can participate as much or as little as you like, but many people find themselves getting more and more involved the longer they’ve joined. It’s hard to imagine making new friends and attending exciting events thanks to your car, now isn’t it?

Granted, this reason alone isn’t enough to shop Harley motorcycles for sale. But it is a great perk in addition to all these other benefits! A car can be difficult to park, especially when you take it to crowded downtown city blocks. Harley motorcycles are sleek and agile, which makes it a breeze to park them in even the most narrow of spots. You’ll have no problem finding parking when you’re out and about in the city. It also makes storing your vehicle at home much easier to as it will take up less space in your garage.

Ready to look at Harley motorcycles for sale? Visit Harley-Davidson of Yuba City. We offer a range of Harley-Davidson motorcycles for all budgets and riding abilities. Our friendly staff can help you find the perfect model for your unique needs and wants. Visit us today! We proudly serve those in Sacramento, Rocklin, and Lincoln, California.

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