How To Survive Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

February 1st, 2019 by

When the temperatures outside sink to freezing or below and the precipitation, be it rain, snow or hail, gets heavy, you eventually have to throw in the towel and park your bike for a few months. While you might be okay for a little while, you’ll probably get the itch to ride again right in the middle of winter. It’s called “parked motorcycle syndrome” and it can feel pretty rough to have your number one hobby set aside for months at a time.

So how do you combat these feelings? We understand the difficulties here at Harley-Davidson® of Yuba City, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you cope until springtime, when you can hit the road on your Harley motorcycle once again!

Improve Your Endurance
How long you’re able to comfortably ride your Harley bike depends on the shape you’re in. Your muscles need to be sufficiently strong to maintain a good riding posture and stay alert on the road for hours at a time. Building up that stamina and endurance takes some time, and once the winter months come around, it can be easy to lose those muscles.

To avoid suffering a dip in your riding ability, keep yourself fit all year long. Go to the gym and work on the muscles you use to ride your bike. Research online or talk with a trainer to figure out what will be a good regime for you so you can hop back on your bike and be ready to hit the road in the spring.

Plan Trips
During the off-season, you can make good use of your time by planning the trips you’ll take once it’s warm again. Research cool destinations, both near and far, and use the internet to help you plan out the best routes, whether you want to go there directly or take a more scenic back road. You could even make a calendar or schedule of the rides you’ll take when you get the chance!

Make More Motorcycling Friends
Winter is a great time to sit inside and chat with new people about your favorite hobby. Join a motorcycle enthusiast club or a local riding club, maybe even a H.O.G chapter in your area, so you can talk Harley motorcycles all day, even if you can’t ride them. Your new friends will also be able to share in your struggles around not being able to ride! Maybe you can even plan your springtime rides together with your new friends.

Brush Up On Motorcycle Maintenance
If you don’t know how to properly care for your Harley bike, it can easily fall into disrepair. Use the off-season as a chance to learn new skills and improve your knowledge of how your motorcycle functions. There are plenty of simple tasks you can do at home to maintain your bike!

If your bike needs a major tune-up, contact the service department here at Harley-Davidson® of Yuba City. Our professional mechanics will be more than happy to get your machine ready for springtime riding.

Check Out Upgrades
Have you felt like your Harley bike could use a few new features to improve your comfort and enjoyment? Now is the time to investigate some cool upgrades you can make. These could simply be for aesthetic appeal or they could improve the functionality of your motorcycle. Brighter lights, an ergonomic backrest and a windshield can all make your riding experience more comfortable and safe. It’s up to you to figure out how you want your bike to look and feel!

Want to check out some motorbikes while you’re waiting for the weather to warm up? Visit our dealership in Yuba City, CA, to see our selection of new and used Harley-Davidson® motorcycles for sale. Our staff will be happy to help you find the Harley bike of your dreams! Harley-Davidson® of Yuba City proudly serves the greater Sacramento area, as well as the cities of Rocklin and Lincoln, California.